Equestrian Applications

Equestrian Applications

Owning a horsebox can be a real pleasure but maintaining that new glossy looking appearance and keeping it clean can be a challenge.

Due to the every day use of your horsebox the exterior and interior are exposed to the elements. For the exterior these elements are generally road grime, traffic fumes, acid rain, black streaks and cleaning can be time consuming as dirt/grime become embedded into the paint surface. You may find yourselves spending hours cleaning and having to use polish etc. to remove the grime within your paint surface.

However with Paintseal protective coatings all this is a thing of the past!

Our fully trained professional technicians ensure the highest quality of application and attention to detail, total customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We pride ourselves on using the very best protective coatings, we use our Aviation Approved Liquid Glass Ceramic coating, Gen-3, which is solvent resistant.

With Paintseal Direct products we can help you cut down the cleaning time, the frequency and the need for polishing.

Many polishes contain slight cutting agents to remove the dirt and grime from within the paint surface, these products used overtime can lead to flat and dull appearance, which also reduces the re-sale value.

Our protective coatings will help protect the high gloss appearance which not only means it stays looking newer for longer but also helps maintain a greater re-sale value, which is important when you decide to sell or exchange.

The interior of your horsebox is also under threat from damage, normally due to unfortunate spillages of drinks and food stuffs which are very difficult to remove from the fabric seating areas and in most cases these will leave an unsightly stain which will also affect the look and the re-sale value.

We use the very best Hypo- Allergenic, Non CFC, PTFE (Teflon) formulae to protect your fabric seating areas.

Exterior Benefits

  • Easy cleaning of grime and black streaks
  • No more waxing, polishing or abrasive cleaning
  • Seals and protects paintwork, ABS and GRP
  • Maintains a high gloss appearance
  • Higher re-sale value
  • Low maintenance – just wash, go and enjoy!

Interior Benefits

  • Seals and protects fabric seating upholstery
  • Easy cleaning and no stains guaranteed
  • Keeps interiors looking newer for longer
  • Higher re-sale value
  • Hypo-allergenic, non CFC PTFE formula
  • Safe product

Please note that all Paintseal Direct protective coatings are only available through Paintseal Direct ltd and it’s supporting dealers and is only available Professionally Applied – Nationwide by Paintseal Directs own fully trained application technician.

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  • Dear Paintseal Please pass on my thanks to your technician Andrew Carter who came to my home to treat my vehicle with your Ceramic GEN-3 Glasscoat product. My wife and I are really pleased with the result and yesterday when he’d finished it looked good, but today with the sun shining on it, it looks FANTASTIC. I’m sure I will get remarks about the quality of finish and I shall certainly be recommending Paintseal. Thanks from a very happy customer

    Kind regards Mr A Ayres

  • Had ours done 3.5 years ago. Washed it last night, easy and still looks like new, Love the Gen-3 paintseal, wouldn’t be without it!!

    Alan Chatterton

  • Really impressed with paintseal which was done when the van was new over 10 years ago. The last “proper wash” was when we bought it 2 years ago. Since then just a rinse with luke warm water and leather down 3 or 4 times a year. never had any black streaks.


  • Paintseal Gen-3 every time!! Had it on our new 645 in december and that is the third van/time we’ve had it, Excellent customer service as well.

    Helen coggan

  • Paintseal is brilliant had our coachman paintsealed when we bought it. six years old and like new. It wont stop the black run marks appearing but they give you a kit which also contains a bottle of black mark remover.

    Barbara Fellows

  • Just a big thank you for the quality service received today. Your guy spent a lot of time rectifying the flat paintwork on my hymer. Thoroughly professional, which is how i regard the service i have received from everyone i have delt with at your business.

    Once again many regards Dick Telford

  • Paintseal all the way got it on cars and the van a very good ceramic coating.

    Andrew Turner

  • Worth every penny our coachman is 9 years old and still looks new thanks to paintseal.

    Terry Bennet

  • I had paintseal teflon put on my 2012 conqueror when i bought it – just traded it in and it still has the ‘showroom shine look’ of a new van, Hence i am having paintseal on the new van.

    Rodney Redhead

  • We have paintseal on ours nothing sticks its brilliant! We wash with water only and have a paintseal spray (foc) if we had the odd black streak but its wonderful “well worth it”

    Julz Rust

  • Paintseal is brilliant have it on every future van, just rinse with water, easy no need to ever polish.

    Glen Coldwell

  • Had PAINTSEAL from new, only wash with rain water / brush, exterior shine still looks new. People ask what polish I have used... just say rain water! Worth the money.

    John Chadwick

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